8 Editing and Proofreading Techniques to Punch Up Your Writing

As a writer, you’re always looking for ways to improve upon your writing technique. There’s plenty of ways to increase your skill, but one of the best is to get your editing and proofreading down pat. They’re basic skills, but without them your work can look sloppy and unfinished. Here’s eight ways you can improve those skills and have great copy every time.

Decide on how you like to work

The medium you choose to proofread on will affect how you go about the process. Proofreading on your computer screen means you can take advantage of several online proofreading tools, and the track changes function in your text editor. Printing it off to do so means you can mark out changes with a good old fashioned pen. Try them both and see which method works best for you.

Concentrate on one type of error per read through

Don’t try and fix every error on one read through, or you’re highly likely to miss something. Instead, Have several read throughs, but concentrate on one type of error each time. You’re more likely to catch everything that way.

Read your work out loud

“Reading your writing out loud means you’ll hear how it’ll sound to your potential readers. It’s a great way to catch any errors you may not have spotted, simply reading them off the page,” suggests professional editor from custom writing service SpeedyPaper. Even better, have a friend read it for you to get the same perspective on it.

Know the difference between proofreading and editing

There actually is a difference. Editing is what you do first, when you’ve finished your first draft. It’s where you fill in gaps, change structure around, and get your text looking presentable. Proofreading is the final go through your work, checking for errors you may have missed and getting your work polished up before publication.

Use professional editors and proofreaders

Sometimes it’s just not possible to do it all yourself. You may be trying to hit several deadlines, or just don’t feel you have the skill to get the job done well. There are several online writing services that can take your writing in, and polish it up so it’s perfect. Speedy Paper and Marvel Essay are two such services that will give you good results. Also they have a SpeedyPaper Discount Code of up to 15% of on any kind papers work.

Take your time

Don’t rush the proofreading process. If you try and do it all in a hurry, you’re very likely to miss something glaringly wrong in your text. Leave enough time to check your work before you need to publish it, and you won’t be stressed trying to get it right.

Don’t trust spell checkers for everything

Spell checkers are really useful editing tools to have around, and they can catch a lot of problems for you. However, like all computer programs, they can’t do everything. Use them, but give your work a read through as well for spelling errors.

Read your writing backwards

This sounds like an odd tip, but it works. Reading your writing backwards means working from the bottom of your piece and working backwards, section by section. This method works because it forces you to look at your writing in a different way. When you’re made less familiar with your own work, it’s easier to spot the errors.

Next time you need to proofread your writing, keep these tips in mind. You’ll find that it’ll be much easier to get the job done, and get it done well. You’ll be confident that everything you write will be of the best quality possible, every time.

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